Crosses and Belltowers

by Ashley Rossey
[student, Rome Sketchbook course, spring 2011]

Temple of Hercules and church of Santa
Maria in Cosmedin
We find the cross at the very top of churches and it symbolizes victory and the triumph of Christ. A cross seems to be present on every church. Bell towers are used for the call to prayer; In the time before digital watches it was the bell tower that announced the passing of the hours.
Bell tower of the basilica
of San Paolo
When hearing the bells announcing mass the faithful would make their way to the church. This is very similar with mosques today, they still have a tower, but it is used for a speaker to issue a call to prayer. There were also different types of chimes that would signal different religious festivities and the type of mass about to be celebrated. In some cases they were also used as signals to warn of invading armies and other dangers. it was a general public address system, which is similar to todays bulletin board or newspapers. An elaborate form of communication.
Basilica of San Giovanni
in Laterano